Now you can visit in Dutch

Not long ago I wrote an article about how you can visit in English. Now you can not only visit in English, but you can also enjoy its content in Dutch.

Now you might ask yourself why the German Amazon store would care to offer its visitors a version in English and in Dutch? It is quite obvious in fact.

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Why offer in Dutch and English?

There are lots of people living in Germany who do not actually speak German. There are also lots of people in the nations surrounding Germany that like to shop from Again these people often do not speak or read German, and thus the ideal solution is to visit in English.

Now why would people in the Netherlands shop from, when they in fact have their very own Amazon store at You do not need much time surfing to understand that it looks good, but it is only a look. There is not really anything available at, at least not of the typical stuff that lots of people like to buy from an Amazon Store like a Kindle, a Fire Tablet and similar products.

If you want to visit in Dutch or in English then you will find exact links in the article linked to above which will take you directly to the English version of or the Dutch version of

Now the next question is, when will turn available in other languages?

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