VPN trouble with Amazon.com?

I receive more and more comments from people who have VPN trouble with Amazon.com. The trouble is not really with the VPN and not with Amazon.com, but the combination of the two of them.

As you might know it has become very normal for TV companies and streaming services to block the IP addresses used by VPN providers. This is in order to keep the “copyright” laws intact, making sure that only people in certain nations can access certain content. VPN providers are out there to help you stay safe on the Internet. As you connect to a VPN service your online activity will be encrypted. That is very useful, especially as you surf the Internet in free WiFi zones and use unencrypted networks. But, why does Amazon.com block VPN users?

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Why does Amazon block VPN users?

Since Netflix started blocking VPN provicers in the start of 2016 this has been one of the big battlefields. Why should I have to say no to security and encryption in order to watch Netflix? If I surf the Internet in an Internet coffee shop in New York and use a VPN to stay safe, I can not watch Netflix because I will get a proxy error. As a result I need to disconnect from my VPN (and stay unsafe) and only then can I watch Netflix. That’s a pity! And now the same is happening with Amazon.com to a larger degree. Why?

A VPN connection works like a tunnel. When you connect to a VPN server all your traffic will be routed through the server and seem to origin from that server. Most Instant Videos available on Amazon.com are available only to people in the USA. If you however connect to a VPN server in the USA you can access these, even if you are located in another nation. That is how people use VPN to bypass geographical blocks and bans.

In order to defend themselves against such users Amazon (and Netflix) has to block these users. Their attack is of course not on the usage of VPN for Internet security. Their attack is on the abuse of VPN in order to access geo-blocked material.

What do you think of this? Is it fair?

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    1. That is for sure a legit way to consider this. But, there are people who want to watch stuff on Amazon for all the money in the world, and those will do anything to find a method that will let them stream Amazon abroad. But, most other people will probably go watch the same content on Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming service instead… or maybe download it from a Torrent website.

  1. I use VPN to protect myself from snooping IP and unsecured wifi. I have been a prime member and avid user of Amazon. But Amazon’s answer is BS! Because I log in when I use it, and by logging in, Amazon HAS my shipping address and all of my purchase history to verify where I live! Windstream and Verizon and None of the other IP services need to know that much of my business and I don’t want personalized ads. Any more than I want telemarketing. I am not sure why Amazon is doing this, but it is costing the some of my business, and making me reconsider prime membership!

    1. agree, but they want to snoop on your private data, that is how they make money, something needs to be done. companies and countries are going too far

  2. Exactly! “The abuse of geo-blocked material…” that’s nonsense! This is the internet! It’s a global network! What’s really happening is their abuse of power over their customers just so they can have their way. They won’t say this of course. But they’re practically pointing fingers!

  3. This company is amazing, first you purchase Prime from them then you purchase NordVPN ( which is the number one recommended by Amazon) then they block you from watching Prime, take some believing.

  4. Not that I would encourage anyone to break the law, and not that I would break the law, but by treating everyone like criminals and preventing privacy control (VPN use), Amazon and its like are making criminals out of many who don’t care to be. Amazon (and Netflix…) is just driving people to pirate material they are legally entitled to but are blocked from accessing. Everyone and his grandmother knows about torrents…

    As for me, I use a VPN at all times, especially since the repeal of net neutrality. I will not turn it off for anyone. Thus, I don’t have a Netflix or Amazon Prime account. There are other, legit, ways to access entertainment.

  5. they dont need to geoblock,, amazon has its videos already divided by countries. they dont want my business they wont have my business

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