Are all VPN providers blocked by Amazon Prime (

Do you get an error message as you try to watch Amazon Prime videos (Amazon Instant videos) using a VPN? Are all VPN providers blocked by

A law has been introduced in the USA recently, making ISPs allowed to sell your Internet history to buyers across the globe. For this (and many more reasons) lots of people want to use VPN services to encrypt their online activity. There is however a slight problem occurring when you try to watch Amazon Prime videos using your VPN subscription. You are most likely to get an error message telling you that the content is unavailable because of your VPN. The same problem will occur if you use a VPN trying to watch Amazon online videos outside the USA. Does this mean that you have to choose between Amazon Prime and encryption? Do you have to jeopardize your online security in order to watch Amazon videos? Luckily the answer is still no!

Is Amazon Prime blocked by all VPN providers
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I am working with this site named Amazon Prime from abroad, and here I constantly test VPN services to check whether or not they work with Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant videos. The main purpose of this site is to help people outside the USA to access Amazon Prime, but as of 2017 it is just as important to help Americans find working VPN solutions that will keep them safe and hidden online, while watching Amazon videos on the Internet.

There are still VPNs working with Amazon Prime

I have just tested several VPN services as I write this article, and based on that I can say that there are VPN services still working with Amazon Prime and other Amazon videos. You do not have to say no to security and encryption, but you should read our main article on the subject. Not all VPN providers work with Amazon Prime, and not all VPN servers work from those working VPN providers work with Amazon Prime. In fact, most IP addresses from the “good” VPN providers are still blocked by Amazon, which is why you need to know exactly which VPN servers to use to access and watch Amazon videos encrypted and securely online. Sound complicated? It truly isn’t!

Which VPN provider should I use?

I could name several VPN providers in this article which currently can be used to watch Amazon Prime videos online. But, those VPN provider might be blocked by tomorrow, and then this article will be out of date. I will therefore not name any VPN providers in this article, but instead I am working hard to keep the main articles of this blog updated and update those whenever there are changes made related to which VPN services work with Amazon Prime videos and normal Amazon videos.

To find the updated information on which VPN providers can be used with Amazon Prime at the moment, click the link.

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  1. It was nice to read all of this, especially since I thought all VPN providers were blocked by Amazon, but I was wrong then I guess. Thanks again.

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