Manchester by the Sea is now on Amazon Prime

Manchester by the sea on Amazon PrimeManchester by the Sea was a movie with an amazing performance by Casey Affleck, for which he won an Academy Award. Now you can stream the movie for free with your Prime membership.

I was really curious about Manchester by the Sea, and that is why I watched it not long ago. I must admit that Casey Affleck really does a great job in his role, even though I must admit that the movie overall was a bit boring to me. But, that says much more about me, than it does about the movie. The movie is a great drama moving on with a slow pace. If that is fine for you, and you like such movies, then this is a real winner. Unfortunately I am not such a big fan of slow-moving dramas, and for that reason I did not truly enjoy this movie either. But, the fact that Casey Affleck did a great job in his role can and should not be debated!

Manchester by the Sea on Amazon Prime

With a Prime subscription in the USA you can now stream this movie online for free. That means you do not have to pay anything to watch it, because it is already included in your subscription. For those who do not have a Prime subscription, then you can buy the movie online as an Instant Video, but if you sign up for Prime you will get much more value for your money! You can read more about Amazon Prime here, and in that article you will also find information on how you can get access to US Amazon Prime from outside the United States.

Have you seen Manchester by the Sea? Did you enjoy the movie, or are your thoughts on the movie similar to mine? I would love to read your thoughts on the movie, so write a comment beneath and let me know!

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