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Silence is the fantastic movie made by Martin Scorsese. It tells us the story about Catholic missionaries traveling to Japan to serve as priests, a nation persecuting and killing Christians.

Silence was recently made available on and other streaming services online, meaning that you can now purchase Silence or rent it, and thus watch it right away online. That is what I did, and I must say that Silence was a movie that made an impression on me.

I have read a little bit about the movie, and in most reviews they say that the movie is a bit too long, but it is still a masterpiece from the hand of Martin Scorsese. Two Jesuit priests decide to following their calling and travel to Japan, in order to find their former master. From their first moment in Japan they meet fellow believers, people who have been suffering without priests to take their confessions, and people who have been longing to have priests teach them the Word of God. But, life ain’t easy for them. Japan was persecuting Christians, and especially priests had high value. The persecutors did everything in their power to make the priests renounce their faith, even if that meant killing other people and torturing other Christians (or the priests themselves).

Silence ain’t an easy movie to watch, and it sure is a long movie. Christians will be challenged by the faith of the priests and all the native believers in Japan portrayed in the movie, and another valid question is also asked throughout the movie: Should a believe renounce their faith in order to save the lives of others?

Silence on Amazon

Watch Silence on Amazon

If you want to watch the movie Silence on Amazon, then you can simply visit and order the movie online today. You can buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray, or you can watch it right away as an Instant Movie. If you are located outside the USA, then you can read more about how you can stream Instant Videos online from abroad right here. The movie has not been made available on Netflix yet, so if you want to stream it online, you will have to pay for it. It will probably take ages before it will be made available to Amazon Prime customers, so do not wait for that to happen!

Have you seen Silence? Did you enjoy the movie?

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