Can I watch Amazon Prime in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark)?

The Scandinavian countries have for a long time suffered from the lack of a local Amazon Store. But, do the inhabitants of the nations need to suffer form the lack of access to Amazon Prime as well?

It is quite strange that no Amazon store can be found in the Scandinavian countries, considering the fact that these are countries with lots of money and people who love buying stuff online. So, why isn’t there an Amazon store in any of these countries yet? That is a brilliant question, and I am sure that lots of Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Fins and the people of Iceland ask themselves the same question.

Recently Prime Video was made available in these nations, meaning that there is a chance to get access to videos and TV series produced by Amazon, also in Scandinavia, but the service offered with Prime Video is still way smaller and not at all as good, as what you get when you sign up for Amazon Prime in the United States. So, what can you do if you want to get access to US Amazon Prime while in Scandinavia? This is how it can be fixed easily!

Get access to US Amazon Prime in Scandinavia

If you want to get access to Amazon Prime in the USA with all its benefits, including free photo storage, access to Amazon Music, access to one monthly free Kindle book, access to the Prime Reading library (including lots of fantastic books that you can borrow for free), and of course access to all the movies and TV series available with Amazon Prime in the USA, this is what you need to do!

  • You need to use a VPN in order to get access to US Amazon Prime. A brilliant VPN service for this purpose is ExpressVPN. They have a 30 day full refund policy, and they are really user friendly and easy to use.
    Visit the ExpressVPN website(and watch Amazon Videos online)
  • Connect to a US server with ExpressVPN and visit
  • Create a new Amazon user with a registered address in the United States (you can make up an address yourself, using a US address generator online).
  • Sign up for Amazon Prime.
  • If you have problem paying for Prime services due to a card that can not be used for the purpose, then you should use US Unlocked which will help you get a valid US payment card, and they will also help you get a valid US address. This can later be used to pay for other US services like Hulu, CBS All Access and so on.

You can also read more information in general about getting access to Amazon Prime from abroad right here.

Is Amazon Prime better than Netflix, Viaplay and HBO Nordic?

In the Scandinavian countries hundreds of thousands of people use services such as Netflix, HBO Nordic and Viaplay. Can Amazon Prime take the place of any of these? Is Amazon Prime necessary with all those other services available?

It should be said that Amazon Prime can never take the place of for example Netflix and HBO Nordic. These are both platforms serving users lots of original content, which can not be seen on any of the other platforms. In the same way there is lots of content on Amazon Prime that you will never find on Netflix or HBO Nordic. The question is therefore what you want to watch and stream. But, you should not forget that Amazon Prime also gives you access to the free Kindle book each month, to Prime Reading and Prime music, meaning that you get much more than just a streaming service. And with the streaming service you will get access to Orange is the New Black, Bosch, Transparent, Catastrophe and lots of other Amazon Original content, and from May 2017 you can also watch Manchester By The Sea included with Amazon Prime. It should at least be considered, don’t you think?


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