Sad LOL: Last one Laughing is in Spanish

I was kind of looking forward to the brand new Amazon series named LOL: Last one Laughing. To me, it sounded like a cool concept, and I, therefore, looked forward to watching it.

Last one Laughing on Amazon
Last One Laughing on Amazon – unfortunately, in Spanish…

But, of course, stupid me… I should have known beforehand that the show would be in Spanish. And even though there are English subtitles, it isn’t at all the same to watch a TV show that is about humor and making others laugh in a language you do not understand. Reading a joke is way different from actual understanding what a comedian says and laughing both at their joke and the expression and the voice of the comedian. 

In other words, LOL: Last one Laughing became a boring experience to me, so I guess I will have to watch some other cool stuff on Amazon Prime instead.

I am not sure what that will be yet, but there is plenty of stuff to choose from, so I am not worried at all!

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