Can I pay for Amazon Instant Video’s with a Transfer Wise card?

It can often be hard to pay for American services if you do not have an American issued bank card. Recently, TransferWise launched their first payment cards, but can those be used to pay for American services?

I just got my hands on a TransferWise payment card, meaning that I have tried this in real life and it is based on my very own experience. There is no surprise in this, because the payment card from TransferWise still isn’t available to people in the USA. It can only be ordered in certain countries in the EU, and the MastarCard you receive at the moment is issued in the UK.

TransferWise has promised that an American issued card will be available later, but at the moment, it isn’t.

Can I pay with TransferWise card on
Can I pay with TransferWise card on

Can I pay for services with my TransferWise card?

The answer to that question is both yes and no. You can easily use it to pay for services for which you could also use any other VISA or MasterCard, issued wherever in the world. As a result, you can buy books, clothes, jewellery, and similar products with your TransferWise card issued in the UK on

What you cannot purchase on with your TransferWise card is products that require you to have an American issued payment card. This is first of all true about movies and TV series, and also with some other products. In the same way, you cannot pay for your Hulu subscription with the TransferWise card, you cannot pay for CBS All Access, and neither can you pay for HBO Now.

This will for sure change when the American card will be issued, but since TransferWise requires you to have proof-of-address and so much more to actually get the card, we will probably not be able to get an American issued TransferWise card in the future (as long as we do not live in the USA), so we can probably forget about that.

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