Plex Media Server and NAS – which is the best?

Do you want to lay your hands on a NAS that will turn into the best possible solution as a Plex Media Server? Want to order it from Amazon? Here are my suggestions!

There are of course different NAS versions you could consider, but if you simply want the best of the best and price does not really matter at all, but instead you want a NAS with strong CPU, lots of storage space made available and that will easily run and be setup as a Plex Media Server then, this is the solution!

Recommended NAS for Plex at Amazon
Want to get yourself a NAS that you can use as a Plex Media Server?

The best NAS for Plex Media Server

If I did not have any lack of money, but had everything I need and much more than that and I wanted to buy a NAS that I could use as a Plex Media Server then I would buy the QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US.

Now this is a NAS with space for four hard drives, it has an Intel I3 processor and 4GB of ram. But, with a price close to 1000 USD (or 1000 Euro), that is quite steep and most people do not want to use that much on a NAS. And do not forget that you will need to buy some brilliant hard drives in addition to the NAS, so if you place your order, make sure to get yourself a hard drive as well that you can use with the NAS. Once you visit the Amazon websites you will see lots of suggestions for hard drives as you see what other people who bought the NAS bought in addition.

A cheaper NAS that can be used as Plex Media Server

If you want to buy a cheaper NAS that can be used as a Plex Media Server and of course use it for all the other useful stuff a NAS is good for (general file storage and so much more), then you can remain by the company Qnap, but you can buy much cheaper NAS versions. One that should serve you well that only cost about 30%-40% of the Qnap TVS 471 is Qnap TS-253. You can read more about it and order it from or your local Amazon store using the links beneath.

Now these are two great suggestions for those who want to buy a NAS and use it as a Plex Media Server.

I hope you will enjoy whatever NAS solution you decide to go for. If you have further comments or recommendations, just write a comment!

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