Now you can watch The Commuter on Amazon Prime

The Commuter is what I like to think of as a super-typical action movie with Liam Neeson. It might not be as brutal as the Taken movies, but it is still an action-movie in the way we know it from Liam Neeson.

And guess what, The Commuter has arrived on Well, it has been there for a long time as an on-demand movie, but if you want to watch it for free with your Prime subscription, now is the time!

For a second I thought The Commuter was nominated for a Golden Raspberry award, but I was wrong. What is the Golden Raspberry award? Those are the worst of the movies on the market that critics hate, and thus they have their very own award for such bad movies. Nobody every shows up to receive the prices they win (there is little honor in such a price), but still, it is kept every year and it actually gets a lot of attention.

You can now watch The Commuter on Amazon Prime
You can now watch The Commuter on Amazon Prime

But, to be honest, The Commuter doesn’t deserve a Golden Raspberry statue, because the movie is way better than that. It doesn’t deserve an Oscar either, but this is just a standard action movie that you will have a good time watching.

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What is The Commuter about?

Before I watched the movie, I didn’t even know what a commuter is. But, as I watched it, I quickly understood what the word means… someone traveling from their home to their working place using transportation every day. Or something like that…

Liam Neeson is doing exactly that, and thus, he knows the people traveling on the train together with him. One day, a lady he hasn’t met before comes at him and starts asking philosophical questions. It looks very interesting , and the story could have been much cooler if this kind of philosophy questions would have kept on going throughout the movie. But, it quickly leaves the philosophy track, and instead turns into a 100% pure action movie.

I will not blast any of the secrets of the movie right here, but I can tell you that it is quite a lot of action, and an interesting story that will keep you entertained until the very end.

For how long will The Commuter be on Amazon Prime?

I don’t know at all, but it will most likely stay around for maybe half a year before it is removed. It might stay even longer, because some movies like to stay around on Amazon Prime. For example, Baywatch has been on Amazon Prime for a while, and it is a nice movie. And that is a movie that actually was nominated for a Golden Raspberry award in 2018. It didn’t win, but still – it was nominated. Well, I don’t really care, because I had a great time watch Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson anyway 🙂

Have a great time watching The Commuter on Amazon Prime.

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