Can I buy US Google Play gift cards on Amazon with a non-American issued card?

A few days ago, I wrote an asking whether it is possible to buy Amazon Instant Videos with your Amazon Gift Card balance. The article was an interesting one, and I have to say, it took an interesting turn if you read through all the content. What was the interesting part? The conclusion!

Maybe you have read it on some blogs out there, or maybe you have even seen it mentioned here at that you can buy and rent Amazon Instant Videos using your Amazon Gift Card balance. In other words, if you do not have a payment card issued in the USA, simply buy an Amazon Gift Card, and use that balance to pay for your Instant Video purchases… Well, if you have read it here, or maybe elsewhere – it doesn’t work!

So, let’s move on and ask the next question:

Buy a Google Play Gift Code on Netflix USA
Buy a Google Play Gift Code on Netflix USA

Can I buy a Google Play Store gift card on Amazon without an American Issued payment card?

Now, why is that interesting? Because – I’m afraid you might have to give up on buying Instant videos on, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the story. Instead, create an American Google account, top it up with an American Google Play gift card, and at once, you will be able to purchase and rent videos and watch them online right away. It is way easier than the Amazon procedure, and it works perfectly.

But, can you buy American Google Play Gift Cards on Amazon easily?

And yes, you can! It is so easy. You can just use your existing payment card (no matter where it is issued in the world), or you can use your Amazon Gift Card balance. What does this mean? You can simply purchase it on Amazon, open a US Google account, and start renting and buying movies right away.

I cannot guarantee that you will be able to buy the Google Play Gift Card with all sorts of payment cards (all I know is that it worked with my European issued card), but please write a comment if you should have trouble with your card to let me know about it. But again, if it doesn’t work with your payment card, buy an Amazon Gift Card instead, redeem your gift card, and use that amount to pay for the Google Play Store gift card (I have tried it and it works smoothly).

How does this entire American Google Play Store account thing work?

If you want to know more about how this works and how you can use it to get access to and enjoy a US Google Play account, read the following article in the IP Address Guide.

Can I stream Google Play Movies on US Google abroad?

That is a natural question to ask after all this, and the answer is yes! Imagine buying a DVD in the United States during your holiday. It is now yours, and you can bring it with you and watch it wherever you might be in the world – after all, it is yours. In the same way, you can use your US Google Play Store account all across the world, and you do not even need a VPN.

The only time you need a VPN in this process is when you create your US Google Play account in the first place. To make Google connect your Google account to the USA, you will need to use a VPN to get an American IP address. You should then create a brand new Google account, and at once redeem your US Google Play gift card. Your Google account is then forever and ever connected to the USA, and you can just disconnect the VPN and watch the Google content online without a VPN.

As a result, I have totally given up on buying and renting Instant Videos on Amazon. It is so complicated, and I would actually say almost impossible, unless you have an American issued payment card. You cannot use your Gift Card balance, nor nothing. So, I guess Amazon might lose some customers and some money in this way, but I honestly don’t think Jeff Bezos will worry to much about that!

Which VPN to use in the first place?

If you need a VPN subscription in order to get your American IP address, which again will make you able to create a US Google Account, my recommendation is that you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

There is several reasons why I recommend their services, but first of all, they will help you get a local US IP address which will make you able to create a Google account in the USA. Secondly, they will also help you stream Amazon Prime content from abroad, which is very important and decisive if you live outside the USA and want to enjoy your US Amazon Prime subscription.

These are the main reasons, but there are lots of others as well. For example, with ExpressVPN you can purchase safely and enjoy their 30-day money back guarantee. You can also use your existing subscription at three devices simultaneously. This means that you can split the cost in three (if you want to) and let two others use the same subscription and account, and you can all use it at the same time.

You should also notice that if you sign up for ExpressVPN using this link you will get three months for free if you decide to subscribe for 12 months.

If these things doesn’t convince you, visit their website and read more about them. Do not forget that a VPN subscription will come really useful if you ever surf the net and stream online content using open WiFi networks, and with ExpressVPN you can surf safely and unblock several Netflix regions at the same time, for example, UK Netflix, Canadian Netflix, Dutch Netflix, American Netflix, and some more regions. That is really useful!

Buy your Google Play Store gift card on Amazon today

Go ahead and buy your Google Play Store gift card on Amazon, and buy your favorite movies or rent them in the US Google Play store (instead of buying them at Amazon).

If you have any comments or questions, write them down, and I will do my best to answer if you need any help!

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