Do not watch The Choice on Amazon

The Choice on AmazonI do like a good romantic film and The Notebook and The Longest Ride were two films I simply loved. That is why I looked very much forward to watching The Choice on Amazon, but I wish I hadn’t wasted my time with this film.

I had great expectations to The Choice, first of all because it was written by the same guy that created The Notebook, The Longest Ride and Safe Haven. Those are all very romantic films, but they aren’t completely predictable due to the interesting story line. In The Longest Ride and The Notebook you have a double story line which deals with the present and the past at the same time, and you do not actually know what will happen throughout the entire film in the first moment. Unfortunately that can not be said about The Choice.

The Choice was super boring

As we started to watch The Choice it was boring and lame from second one. After watching the film for five minutes we said that this was terrible and we knew what to expect, but hoped that something would happen that would bring a surprise element into the film. But no… no surprise element arrived. This film was just as flat as the country of Denmark (the highest mountain in Denmark is 100 meters high). Yes, there was a little twist to the love story after watching the film for 80 minutes, but that did not spice up the film or make it more interesting.

Are you still interested in watching The Choice on Amazon? You shouldn’t, but if you still want to, go ahead! On iMDB it has got a 6,5/10 rating for some reason. Luckily the Rotten Tomatoes has better insight and thus the score of this film at Rotten Tomatoes is 12%. That is more like the truth!

Have you seen The Choice? Did you like it? Write a few comments and let me know what you think!

When can I watch The Choice on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime?

I do not know when The Choice will arrive to services like Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime or to Netflix. My guess is that it will show up in some Netflix region within shortly, but with Netflix region changing made hard you might want to wait till The Choice can be seen on HBO Now, Hulu or Amazon Prime.  If you want to get news about films coming to Hulu, visit where you can find articles every month about new movies and TV series coming to Hulu.

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