Mississippi Grind on Amazon.com

Mississippi Grind onlineMississippi Grind is a film that was released earlier this year and now it is time for you and me to watch it on Amazon.com. You can buy it online as a DVD or you can watch it right away as an Instant Video.

In Mississippi Grind we meet Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds in the main roles. Ben Mendelsohn is playing a very unlucky guy who have lots of debt and people who want to catch him for that. Ryan Reynolds plays a guy who is simply very lucky and for some reason he wants to help out on Ben Mendelsohn. That is when their travel along the Mississippi starts and the goal is to win lots of money and to help Ben Mendelsohn. But, things are of course not that easy and especially not for someone who can not stop at the right time.

The film has received quite average critics, however many people call this the best role ever played by Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds has also received lots of praise for his role in this film.

If you want to know more about the film or simply watch the trailer, take a look at this page where you can find both information, see the trailer and watch it online if you want to.

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