Is there an Amazon Music application for Windows?

As a Amazon Prime member you are supposed to be able to enjoy lots of plus services, in other words, Amazon Prime is much more than just watching films online. As I first tried to enjoy the Amazon Prime Music online I was simply fed up with how complicated it was, and since not all music is available, it was harder the combination of free music and not free music and so on. So, today I started looking for a Windows application that would help me to play Amazon Prime music in the application, instead of running it in my browser.

So, what did I find out? There is an application that you can download as an customer and it makes it a bit easier to understand what is what as you try to listen to Amazon Prime Music, but there is still a mess in the combination of free and not free music. And that is what makes Amazon Prime Music much harder to use than for example Spotify, because you will find a lot of music here, but that does not mean that you can add it to playlists and listen to it for free. In an album with 12 songs you might find 1-2 songs that is included in your Prime membership, while 10 songs needs to be purchased for it to work.

Amazon Prime Music Windows application
It looks okay, but still feels quite messy!

After jumping around in the Windows application for Amazon Music I ended up in a way giving up over again. I simply want to jump back to Spotify and enjoy clicking and adding songs to playlists easily, without having the trouble of buying separate songs here and there.

This is why I will use Amazon Music application anyway

As you can understand I am not really happy about the Amazon Music application, but there is a reason why I will use it anyway. First of all, since it is included in my Amazon Prime membership I want to use it. And, I really do like the radio function included in the Windows application, and when using the radio function I do not have to think about anything, I just listen and have fun and it is all free and included in my Prime membership. And what is wonderful is that since all the songs that I can listen to in the Amazon Music radio stations are included in my Prime Membership, so when I hear a song that I like I quickly add it to my playlist, and in that way I can create playlists that I like for myself as well based on the music I listen to on the radio, and in the end I can enjoy both my own personal playlists combined with the great radio stations!

playlists in Amazon Music applicaiton
When I hear a song that I like I simply add it to my playlists, and thus I can listen to it later whenever I want to!

After all, I think I like Amazon Music and I like the Windows Application. Of course, it would be great if it was easier to use, but when you understand how to take advantages of it, it is not that bad after all! So enjoy listening to Amazon Music with the Windows Application.

Hope you have enjoyed this article, and if you have questions or comments, just write a comment!

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