How to find free Kindle books for Amazon Prime members on Amazon?

As an Amazon Prime member there are more than 500,000 books waiting for you for free on That sounds great, but how do you find them? That is not at all the easiest thing in the world, because there are prices for normal customers, then there are Amazon Prime members and then there are those who are so called kindle unlimited prices. How to find the books that are free for Amazon Prime members easily?

In this jungle of offers it is very tiring to look around for those free books. However, follow these simple steps and you will find out more about how to easily find those free Kindle books on Amazon Prime available for free to you! If you are located outside the US and want to enjoy Amazon Prime abroad, read more in this article on how to do so.

Free Kindle books to Amazon Prime members

To find those free books on available to Amazon Prime members, do the following:

  • Visit
  • In the search field select “Books” and press the search symbol. (screenshot further down)
  • Scroll quite far down on the page, and on the left you will see “Amazon Prime” – Select (screenshot further down).
  • Now look in the left menu and select “Kindle edition.”
  • The last step is then to look in the upper right corner and select “Price: Low to high.”

When you have followed these steps you will find all the Kindle books available for free coming up first, and then after all the free books you will start finding all the books you need to pay for. And what is great as you follow these steps is that you can also select the category for books that you want to find on the left of the menu, meaning that you can choose to see the books free for Prime Members in the different categories available such asĀ  Arts & Photography, Biographies & Memoirs, Business & Money, Children’s Books, Christian Books & Bibles, Comics & Graphic Novels, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History and all the other categories available. As you choose a category like this you will always find the free Kindle books coming up first.

I hope you could follow these instructions on how to find the Kindle Books available for free to Amazon Prime members, but if you had problems understanding just take a look at the following screenshots that will show how we found the free books on available to Prime members.

Screenshots showing how to find free books

Free Prime Books Amazon
Select books in the search bar and press go!
2 Amazon Prime free book
Select Amazon Prime in the left menu bar!
Kindle Edition free book
Select Kindle books from the menu on the left
Sort Price low to high
Select Price: From Low to High in the upper right corner!

And then feel free to choose a category from the left menu bar if you want to find free Prime books in a special subject!

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  1. The real question is how to you look up a specific title or author in Books Free for Amazon prime members.
    I seem to only find what they want to show me not what I want to be shown.

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