I never liked Captain America, until I watched the first Captain America movie!

My relationship with the Marvel universe started a bit late. I think it was in 2016 that I watched my first Marvel movie, and it was Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Since then I have watched lots of Marvel movies, including the Iron Man movies, the Thor movies, The Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and I have watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America before he became Captain America
Captain America before he became Captain America

Throughout this time, I have never really been a fan of Captain America. I haven’t liked his personality, and I haven’t enjoyed the movies especially much. The worst of them all was Civil War, not because it was a bad movie, but I hate when the good guys use all their energy at beating one another! Anyway, my biggest favorite in the Marvel universe is for sure Thor, as he is the guy with the best humor and he is calm at all times. If you don’t know what I mean, just take a look at the first 4 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok, and you will understand what I mean.

  • You cannot watch the Captain America movies on Amazon Prime, but if you have a Netflix subscription, you can watch all the Captain America movies and most other Marvel movies in all sorts of Netflix regions. More information can be found at netflix.fromabroad.org.

My relationship to Captain America

As I wrote, I have never been a fan of Captain America. But, yesterday I had the chance to watch the first Captain America movie, The First Avenger. As I watched the movie, something changed on the inside. As I got to know more about Steve Rogers, that is Captain America, I discovered that he actually is a nice guy with a great personality. And it was for exactly that reason he was selected for the special chemical process he had to go through, in order to become the Captain America we all know.

Captain America on Netflix

It doesn’t really matter if you like Captain America or not, and I don’t really care myself, but after watching the movie, I got some more sympathy with the character of Chris Evans.

Have you got a favorite character in the Marvel universe? Do you like Captain America? I would love to hear more about your favorite and why you like them!

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