Can I watch the BBC series Bodyguard on Amazon?

The BBC series Bodyguard from 2018 has been a real hit, and it was really popular in the UK. But, is it possible to watch the Bodyguard series from 2018 on Amazon?

First of all, there is a difference between the different Amazon stores. You might know that Netflix has gotten the rights to stream Bodyguard internationally. What will this mean for you as an end-user? You can only stream Bodyguard on Netflix if you live outside the United Kingdom. In other words, you will not find Bodyguard included with your Amazon Prime subscription, and even worse, you can not even buy it as an instant video on or on

The solution is, therefore, to use your Netflix subscription and watch it there instead.

You can watch Bodyguard on Amazon in England, but nowhere else!
You can watch Bodyguard on Amazon in England, but nowhere else!

If you live in the UK and want to stream Bodyguard

If you live in the UK, things are luckily easier. Not only can you buy the rights to watch Bodyguard on, but you can also stream Bodyguard on the BBC website. There are plenty of options, and watching it on BBC is for sure the cheapest (as it lets you stream Bodyguard for free).

If you want to watch Bodyguard on BBC from abroad, visit to find out how it can be done.

If you search for Bodyguard, you will only find lots of other stuff, including the legendary Bodyguard movie with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. It is worth watching as well, even though I enjoyed the BBC series more than the movie.

Have you seen Bodyguard? How did you like it?

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