HTTP proxies and VPN connections not allowed – Amazon error!

Yesterday I wanted to stream some content on, but I got the following error message: “HTTP proxies and VPN connections not allowed.

Here you can see the full error message.

video error amazon
Your device is connected to the Internet using an HTTP proxy or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Please close or disable any proxy programs or VPN connections and try again. For more details, please refer to

I am not a big fan of such messages, and especially not if you just want to watch a video on Amazon, but you do not want to jeopardize the safety of your computer or Internet device. After all, hackers can easily find passwords and confidential information on your device if you surf using an unprotected WiFi network.

What to do about the HTTP proxies and VPN connections not allowed message?

It all depends on if you want to access German Amazon content, English Amazon content, or American Amazon content. If you want to get access to and watch videos on Amazon Prime (or Amazon Instant videos) in the USA, follow the instructions at

If your goal is to watch content on German Amazon, it is way harder. I tried lots of different VPN providers yesterday, but all of them were blocked and I didn’t find a way of fixing it at once. But, today I found a solution, and it was using a brand new service from IPSX, the IP Exchange. It is a cryptocurrency based service in which you can rent an IP address for a while. You can read more about IPSX right here. If you want to give it a try at once, visit

You might also see the following error message if you try to watch Amazon videos using a VPN, or from abroad.

video unavailable amazon de

Thanks a lot for reading, and I hope this article will help you get rid of the HTTP proxy and VPN error on Amazon.

You can also use IPSX to access English Prime videos. It might be that not all proxies provided by IPSX will work, but some of them do. And do not forget that you can also use these to access Netflix in other nations at times.

Do you also get the error messages mentioned earlier in this article? Do you need help to find a solution that will help you watch the videos on Amazon without the error messages? Write a comment, and I will do my best to help you out!

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