Get ready for Prime Day 2018

Every year, in the middle of the summer, Amazon is arranging their so-called Prime Day. On this day Prime members get access to fantastic offers, and of course, not so fantastic offers.

In China, November 11th is the date of the so-called Singles Day. On this day enormous bargains can be made, and it might be the biggest shopping day in the world every year. But, Amazon is doing their best to compete with this, and their annual Prime Day is their biggest attempt.

On Prime Day, people with an Amazon Prime membership in a nation with a registered Amazon store can get access to all sorts of offers. Some of the offers are extremely good, and you can save a lot of money if you know what you want and how much it is supposed to cost, and therefore discover a great discount when you see it.

But, on such discount days there are always people buying all sorts of products, simply because they believe them to be cheap, and then later discover that they weren’t discounted at all.

One of the best offers on Prime Day 2018
One of the best offers on Prime Day 2018


Some pieces of advice before Prime Day 2018

Visit,, or your designated Prime store already to check the prices of the products that you might be interested in. That is a good way of preparing yourself for the day.

On Prime day 2018, visit your local Amazon store again to check if you can get the same product or a similar product at a discounted price. If it is available cheaper, go ahead and buy it. If you do not have a Prime subscription, you can normally sign up on Prime day, and cancel later. You will only pay for the number of days you actually had an active subscription, meaning that you will get most of your money back.

Some of the best products to purchase on Prime day are Amazon’s very own products, like the different Kindle models, the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV products, and one of the best offers this year, the Amazon Echo brand.

Do you want to know more about how to get Amazon products delivered to countries without an Amazon store? Click the link for more information.

Fun fact about Prime Day 2017

  • One of the most popular products in the USA was a DNA test, in which people can get lots of information about themselves, their genes, their ancestry and more through their own saliva.
  • The people of Mexico were really excited about the Nintendo Switch, making it their most popular product on Prime day in 2017.
  • In the UK people seem to suffer from a bad WiFi signal because the most popular product in the UK was a TP-Link WiFi smart plug.

most popular amazon products

I wish you a great Amazon Prime Day 2018!

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