Can I watch Amazon Prime abroad with HideMyAss?

Do you have a HideMyAss subscription and would like to use it to stream Amazon Prime abroad? Will it work, or will you get an error message using HideMyAss as well?

If you try to stream Amazon Prime abroad, you will get an error message with the error 4601 code. The goal of this error message is to make it clear to us all, that Amazon Prime content should only be available to users in the United States. For a long time you could use all sorts of VPN providers and SmartDNS providers to stream Amazon Prime content abroad, but that is no longer true. Just like Netflix blocks most IP addresses used by VPN providers, the same is true for Amazon.

Recently HideMyAss introduced their Liberty Island servers, an attempt to make blocked content available to users overseas. For a while they worked with US Netflix and some other streaming services, but based on my recent tests during the last days, those servers no longer work with US Netflix. As a consequence I decided to test those servers with Amazon Prime, to find out whether they will let me stream Prime content abroad or not.

Can I use HideMyAss with Amazon Prime?

I quickly discovered that the Liberty Island servers are blocked by Amazon Prime. But, we should not forget that HideMyAss has servers in almost 200 nations across the world, and more than 5000 IP addresses waiting for its users in the United States.

HideMyAss and Amazon Prime

I therefore tried five other random HideMyAss servers to see if that would help me any further. I connected to the following servers:

  • USA, Delaware, Wilmington (not working)
  • USA, Kansas, Wichita (not working)
  • USA, Michigan, Lansing (not working)
  • USA, Alabama, Montgomery (not working)
  • USA, Wyoming, Cheyenne (not working)

Based on my tests so far, the answer seems to be no. HideMyAss does not work if you want to stream Amazon Prime from abroad. I should however again say that HideMyAss has lots of servers in the United States, and I only tested 5% of their servers. It might therefore be a few holes in the Amazon protection, meaning that there might be some servers working, but I have not managed to find those yet.

Don’t you have a VPN subscription yet?

If you simply look for a VPN provider that will help you access Amazon Prime from abroad, then you should for sure not use HideMyAss. There are other VPN providers that I know for sure will work and help you out. You can read more about VPN providers that work with Amazon Prime from abroad right here.

Am I trying to make this a bad HideMyAss commercial?

Not at all! I am a big fan of HideMyAss, and I have been recommending them to hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the years. Their VPN product is solid and good, and I still recommend HideMyAss in several articles. But, if the goal is to stream Amazon Prime abroad, then I cannot recommend HideMyAss with a good conscience.

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