Can I read Kindle Books in Windows?

If you like a good book then you have for sure considered getting yourself a Kindle. But, if you do not have a Kindle you might want to enjoy read a good Kindle book anyway. Prime members will find this especially interesting as they can download one new hotshot free Kindle book every month, and in addition read more than 500,000 Kindle book from the library for free. But, can I enjoy these privileges without a Kindle as a normal Windows user?

Kindle reader in Windows

The answer to your question is yes! It is possible because Amazon has been so nice to create a Windows application for Kindle, or in other words, a Kindle reader for Windows. If you want to download the Kindle reader for Windows simply visit the following page where you can download it. Once you have downloaded it you install it to your computer and login. There you will see the books available at the moment in your library. To get more books available simply visit and find Kindle books and then you can buy them, or as a Prime member download books for free, and as you buy them (for free) they will automatically be added to your Kindle application in Windows and you can start read them at once.

That is how easy it is to read Kindle books in Windows. In the same way at the link above you will find information on how to download a Kindle application to Android phones and to Apple products using the iOS operating system.

To find out more about becoming a Prime member from Europe and from the rest of the world, read this article. Have fun and enjoying reading Kindle books in Windows, on Android and on iOS systems.

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