Can I pre-order an iPhone 7 at at the moment?

Would you like to pre-order an iPhone 7 from It can be done in the future, but at the moment it is impossible. You can however prepare yourself for an iPhone 7 as you buy a case for your future-to-be iPhone 7!

There are lots of variations in prices for the new iPhone, but fans all across the globe is already out there looking for the phone and placing their orders on this new flagship from Apple. I am not a big Apple and iPhone fan myself, so I will not order one, but if you are a fan then you can expect a price somewhere beneath 1000 USD for this new giant from Apple.


What comes handy with the new iPhone 7 is that it is water-proof in water less than 1 metre deep. So, if you loose it into the bathing tub while making a nice video of your little baby taking her first bath, then that should not cause any trouble for your new iPhone 7.

If you want to get ready for the iPhone 7 and buy yourself a case, then you just have to visit to get started right away.

Save money by order iPhone from the US

I have read articles claiming that you can save money as you buy the new iPhone from the US (compared to other nations in the world). If that is true for you, then you should know that there are services available which will give you a virtual US address and help you ship the packages to your actual address outside the US. You can read more about such services in the linked article above.

Maybe you can not wait for the new iPhone 7 to arrive. I have no problem waiting, because I am more of a Samsung or Google Nexus fan. Unfortunately there will come no more in the Google Nexus series, but Google will instead launch their new Pixel and Pixel XL stories.

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