Can I buy Apple TV from Amazon?

I would like to buy an Apple TV from Amazon, but I can not find Apple TV at all in the store. Is something wrong? Can’t I buy the Apple TV from Amazon?

As you might know there are lots of Apple products available as you visit You can buy MacBook, iPad, iPhone and other stuff, but if you do a search for Apple TV at the first thing you will see is something like this:

Apple TV on Amazon

The first thing you see is not Apple TV, but Amazon Fire TV. Why is that? The reason is simple!

Why I can’t find Apple TV on Amazon!

The reason why you can’t find Apple TV on Amazon is the fact that Apple TV does not support Amazon Videos. In other words, if you have an Apple TV it is impossible to get an Amazon Video application installed on it, meaning that you can not watch Amazon Instant Videos or Amazon Prime videos there, but instead you have to be stuck with the Apple Store and iTunes store. The way Amazon says thank you for the support to Apple is by not selling the Apple TV in their stores. But instead you can buy for example the Amazon Fire TV, which by the way is much cheaper. But is it just as good?

Should I buy an Amazon Fire TV instead of an Apple TV?

There are different ways to use the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV, but there are also lots of similarities. I have been using both for a while and I enjoy using both of them. There are functions that I prefer on the Apple TV, while there are some functions that I find better on the Amazon Fire TV. The Apple TV is better if you live in a nation in which there is no Amazon store, but if you live in an Amazon nation with an actual Amazon store, then using the Amazon Fire TV could be just as good an option for you. You can use the Amazon Fire TV abroad as well, but for this to work you will need to use a router with a VPN or a SmartDNS setup. You can read more about how that is done here.

If you want to spend even less then you could also consider buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick which can do mostly the same as the Fire TV, with a few exceptions.


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