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Bosch on Amazon PrimeA brand new series has been launched and created by Amazon and the name is Bosch. You can now watch the first season as an Amazon Prime member. If you want to know more about watching Amazon Prime from abroad, visit our front page.

Bosch is an American police procedural television series which is produced by Amazon Studios. The Bosch is a brand new television series and the first season premiered in the beginning of 2015. The show is based on the book series of Michael Connelly.

The main character of the television series and the books is Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) who is a Los Angeles police detective. The first season starts with Bosch who killed a suspect during a chase. At court he is defending himself and he gets a case which involves the bones of a child which was found buried in the woods. The dead body is under the ground since 1989 and the boy was around the age of 11 or 12 but it is hard to establish because it is in such a bad condition. The young boy was badly beaten, abused and then buried in the woods and during the investigation they discover more broken bones approximately 40. The bones found in the woods lead to more and more information which brings closer the solution to Bosch. The case of the child gets Bosch attentions as it reminds him of his own childhood.
Bosch also has a big crush on one of this coworker on the beautiful, noticeable younger and smart officer played by Annie Wersching.

The television series Bosch got mixed reviews and critics so far but it has an interesting and thrilling story with interesting and at points brutal cases and investigations.

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