Best films on UK Prime right now

Would you like to enjoy your UK Prime Video membership and watch a film tonight? Here are some suggestions as to what you should watch that is included with your UK Prime membership.

Best on UK PrimeThere are of course lots of great TV series that you can watch, but in this article I would just like to highlight a few films that I believe you will have a great time watching which you can watch for free with your UK Prime membership.

First of all you are given a chance to follow two of London’s biggest gangsters, both played by Tom Hardy in the film named Legend from 2015. For the younger audience the Lego Movie from 2014 might be a hit, while the older audience might enjoy Mr. Holmes played by Ian McKellen.

For those who like action and films like the Hunger Games and Maze Runner the first two films in the Insurgent series can be watch on Amazon Prime in the UK. Personally I liked the first film a lot, the second was a bit worse, and the third which was in cinemas a few months ago I haven’t been able to watch yet.

If you want some more comedy then the youngest ones will want to watch Paddington, while the older ones will enjoy We’re The Millers and Brides Maids. If you have a crazy humor then Johnny English might be after your taste.

And then for the serious Prime members in the UK the film named The Book Thief which tells the story about a girl adopted in Germany during the Second World War and narrated by death will be a real winner, and if that wasn’t enough then The Imitation Game should make up for that.

So, these were a few suggestions for fantastic films which you can watch for free with your Prime membership in the UK. If you are abroad and want to watch your UK Prime membership still you simply need to follow these instructions.

Do you have some other favorite film available on UK Prime that you would like to recommend? Write a comment and let me now!

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