Best films om available with German Prime

Do you have a German Amazon Prime subscription and want to watch a nice film an evening this summer? I have just looked through some films available on German Amazon Prime and here are my recommendations.

As I have all sorts of readers coming by this blog I will include some films perfect for children, for youngsters, for families, for elders and for those in love with some intense action.

Best on Amazon,de

Let me start with the youngest ones, because Shaun the Sheep (the film) can be seen for free included with your Prime subscription in Germany, and that is a film you really should watch. It is hilarious and Shaun the Sheep fans will for sure enjoy the film. Other family and children films are Paddington and Spongebob.

Now let us say that you want to watch something fun, but suitable for an older audience? If that is you then the film Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz can be seen included with your German Amazon Prime membership and Bad Neighbors as well (film number two is in the cinemas right now).

If you like action films instead of comedies, and maybe you are a fan of Terminator, then the newest Terminator film named Genisys can be seen on with your Prime membership as well. Other action films available are the first two films of the Divergent series.

For those in the serious mood and who wants to watch a film that has something to say and that might even encourage or challenge you, then the Oscar awarded film 12 Years a Slave can be seen on Amazon Prime in Germany as well.

These were some films, but here I will just list up some more films available that you might find interesting.

  • The Lego Movie
  • The Black Knight Rises (Batman)
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Snowpiercer
  • The Dark Knight
  • Ronaldo
  • and lots and lots of TV series

I wish you a great summer with German Prime. If you are out traveling and want to access your German Prime content and movies abroad follow these instructions. The instructions are in German.

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