Aquaman premiere in the USA tomorrow

I have had quite a lot of readers coming to this page in the last days to read more about the Aquaman premiere in the USA on December 15th available to those with an Amazon Prime subscription.

But, I was very surprised to discover that Aquaman actually came earlier to Europe. I actually got to watch Aquaman in the cinema yesterday (on December 13th) as it had its premiere in Hungary then. For a while I felt sad that I didn’t live in the USA, which would have made me eligible for the early Amazon premiere on December 15th, but then I discovered that I get it even faster in Europe (with or without a Prime subscription).

aquaman on Amazon

Would you like to know more about Aquaman and how I liked the movie? Take a look at the Aquaman review on YouTube. If you would rather read it, check out the Aquaman review on Steemit.

You have a lot to look forward to if you plan to watch Aquaman in the cinema. It might not be the best of all superhero movies, but it is still entertaining and a great move in the right direction for DC Comics. After this movie, they now have a great Aquaman that people like, in addition to Wonder Woman.

Have you seen Aquaman? How did you like it?

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