Early Aquaman premiere for Amazon Prime members

Aquaman will have its premiere in the United States just a few days before Christmas. But, if you have an Amazon Prime membership you are lucky, as you can watch the movie one week earlier than everyone else!

aquman premiere

There are always great expectations as Marvel and DC Comics release new movies. Aquaman is a cool hero, and he kind of reminds me of my favorite Marvel hero, Thor. In other words, I have great expectations for this movie from DC Comics.

As a bonus and a cooperation between DC Comics and Amazon, all Amazon Prime members in the USA are invited to check out an early premiere for Aquaman on December 15th in the United States. There is a limited amount of tickets available, but if you are interested, buy your tickets right away. It will be shown in theaters in lots of cities in the United States, so if you are lucky, you can see it somewhere near your current location.

  • If you want to go ahead and book your own tickets, visit the following site on Amazon.com.

I cannot watch it on December 15th since I do not live in the United States, but I will do my best to watch it as soon as it is released in Europe. I look forward to watching it!

Maybe this could be a nice Christmas present to someone you love? They would have to get it before Christmas, but if they are big fans of Aquaman, I am sure they would be happy about it!

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