Watch Champions League, Europe League and more on SRF online

SRF is an amazing channel when it comes to sports and football. I have earlier written articles on how to watch Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup on SRF from outside Switzerland, and there is no end to this channel and its love for sports.

Now it is autumn and there are lots of cool matches to watch on SRF. First of all you have the qualification matches for the European Championship in 2016, where Switzerland had a tough start playing against England, but when the rest of the matches will be played, you can watch them online on SRF if you want to. There is though one problem, you need a Swiss IP address to do so. However, this page is dedicated to telling you how that problem can be fixed, so if you want to watch SRF from outside Switzerland, read this article.

In addition to the European qualifiers SRF also shows Champions League matches online, so you can watch SRF online and the Champions League matches broadcasted there as well using a VPN. And then there is the Europe League where Young Boys are playing, and if their matches are broadcasted on SRF, you can watch them as well easily online with a VPN subscription. There are tons of opportunities, so read the article on watching SRF from abroad, and get started, you do not have a second to loose!

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