How can I watch World Cup 2014 on SRF from outside Switzerland?

I am living outside Switzerland, but would love to watch the World Cup on Swiss television, on SRF, especially the matches where Switzerland will play. How can that be done?

SRF from abroad World Cup 2014
Watch World Cup 2014 on SRF from abroad

That is a brilliant question, and a question that many other people have, and that they will be very interested in finding an answer to, especially during the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The same question was valid earlier this year during the Winter Olympics, and the solution is the same during the World Cup as it was during the Winter Olympics… a VPN.

A VPN is a Virtuak Private Network, a tool that will connect your computer to a network somewhere else. This connection encrypts your online activity, and let us say you connect to a VPN server in Switzerland, then it will also give you a Swiss IP address, which is exactly what you need to watch SRF from outside Switzerland. The best VPN provider with servers in Switzerland is HideMyAss, so to watch SRF from abroad click the box, and then follow the steps.
HideMyAss website

Wath World CUP 2014 on SRF from abroad

  • Click the HideMyAss box and visit the website.
  • Sign up for a HideMyAss PRO account.
  • Download their VPN client.
  • Connect to a Switzerland server pressing the connect button.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Visit and watch the World Cup live on SRF from outside Switzerland.

It sounds very easy, and the truth is that it truly is easy. And what makes it even better is that HideMyAss has a 30 day money back policy, which means that if you complain within 30 days and have used less than 10GB of bandwidth, you will get your money back!

Hope you have enjoyed this. Try it, and feel free to write a comment afterwards. For more information on watching the World Cup 2014 on your computer, read my general article on the subject. For World Cup 2014 schedule, visit

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