How can I watch Winter Olympics on RTVE online from outside Spain?

Do you wonder how to watch the Winter Olympics on RTVE in Spain from abroad? That can be fixed easily. Just use a VPN provider named HideMyAss, download their VPN client and connect to a server in Spain, and you are ready to watch the live stream from RTVE online in seconds.

So, if the live stream at does not work to you because you are located outside Spain, then the solution is to get yourself a Spanish IP address. Visit HideMYAss website and sign up, and you are ready to watch within seconds.
Visit HideMyAss website

Once you have this done, you can of course check your new IP address first, and as you are connected to a server in Spain and have yourself a Spanish IP address, visit the live stream site for for the Winter Olympics and enjoy the show from wherever you are in the world.

Juegos Olimpicos de Invierno, Sochi
Watching the Winter Olympics live on from abroad

Hope you have enjoyed this article, and if you want to know more about watching the Winter Games in Sochi online, I recommend that you read the article written by my friend Thomas in the IP Guide: Where to watch the Winter Olympics online?

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