Watch Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid on RTVE

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid onlineOn January 30th it is time for a fantastic top match in Liga BBVA. The match will be between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and it will be played at the legendary Nou Camp in Barcelona. Would you like to watch the match? It will be broadcasted on RTVE in Spain, meaning that you can freely watch it online on their website if you want to!

To watch RTVE online you simply visit and visit the live stream of their actual channel broadcasting the match, and in that way you can watch Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid online right away. There is however a slight problem and that is if you are located outside Spain. Because, the live streams available on RTVE is only available to those with a Spanish IP address, meaning that if you are in another country and have an IP address in that given nation, then you will see an error message instead of the live stream showing Barcelona versus Atletico Madrid.  How can you fix that?

How to watch Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid on RTVE from outside Spain?

Therefore to watch this match on RTVE in Spain from outside Spain what you need is a subscription to HideMyAss. This is a program that will help you get an IP address in Spain, and all you need is a subscription to their services for one month. Visit HideMyAss website

Visit their website and sign up for their services and you will be good to go and you can get yourself a Spanish IP which will make you able to watch Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona online on RTVE in a few minutes from now.

It is easy and it works. If you want to read more about watching RTVE from abroad just click the link. For more information about La Liga and how you can watch it online I recommend

May the best team win and let me say that I hope the best team will be Atletico Madrid.

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