NRK not giving up on Lilyhammer

NRK is not giving up on Lilyhammer, even though it seems as if Netflix has. Based on comments from NRK they said that they can not at all confirm the tweet made by Steven van Zandt that Lilyhammer is to rest in peace, something telling us that everything is finished with this brilliant co production produced with Netflix money (first of all) in Norway by NRK.

Even though NRK does not confirming the end of Lilyhammer, it seems to be quite logical that everything will go towards an end at the moment. Based on a drop in the amount of viewers and the problems and disagreements between Netflix and NRK, it seems that it will be hard to make this cooperation continue. So, the question is rather if NRK could be able to make and produce this TV series without the support of Netflix? Probably not, because the budget would be to high, and without Netflix there would not be enough people actually willing to pay for it and watch it as the big viewer amount on Netflix would not be able to get their hands on it.

So, even though I hope Lilyhammer will continue, I do not believe Lilyhammer has a future without the support and viewers located on Netflix. Despite its success and fan group, there are so many other shows to be produced on Netflix and so many other productions enjoying more viewers and probably even cheaper to produce (Norway is a very expensive nation to produce in). So, time will show, and as soon as I know something more, I will write about it here.

Until then you can watch the three seasons on Netflix. For more information about watching NRK online from abroad, read here.

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