Watch Race on HBO Now (a movie about Jesse Owens)

Do you like those movies featuring a famous person and telling their life story? You will for sure like Race, a movie from 2015 telling the story of Jesse Owens.

In the 1930’s a new star arose in the United States. His name was Jesse Owens and he could run like none else could. That was why he deserved to be among the participants in the Summer Olympics in Germany in 1936. But, who was ruling in Germany then? That was Adolf Hitler, and Germany wasn’t exactly the number one place on earth to be for a black contestant. Lots of people wanted Jesse Owens to stay at home and show his disgust for the regime. Other voices told him to go and show the world that black people are equal and maybe even better than white people.

Race on HBO Now

What happened? If you know the story, then you know that Jesse Owens went to the Olympics and won a total of four gold medals. That was quite a job, and he impacted history with his skills. In this movie you can follow Jesse Owens who is played by Stephen James, and Jason Sudeikis who plays the role as Jesse Owens coach. Normally Jason Sukeikis plays stupid roles in comedy movies, but watching him in this movie was kind of like a breath of fresh air.

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