Coming to HBO Now January 2017

Here are a list of the new movies coming to HBO Now in January 2017. There are some fantastic movies on this list, so if you are a movie lover you will have no trouble finding something that you will like.

Here is the complete list of movies.

Now You See Me 2 on HBO Now
Now You See Me 2 is one of the highlights coming to HBO Now in January 2017

Coming to HBO NOW in January 2017

Above the Law
Baby Mama
Beautiful Creatures
The Big Lebowski
The Blues Brothers
Blues Brothers 2000
Bringing out the Dead
The Cell
Cloud Atlas
Cold Mountain
Dallas Buyers Club
Dr. Suess’ Horton Hears a Who!
Evil Dead 2
Fool’s Gold
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Happening
Lady in the Water
Lost & Found
Mad Max: Fury Road
My Cousin Vinny
Risky Business
The Road Warrior
The Sixth Sense
Steel (Shaq)
The Village
Me case con un boludo (I Married a Dumbass)
Nada S.A. (Nothing Co.)
Sesame Street, season 47 premiere
The Visit
Yo no soy querrillero (I’m Not a Rebel)
Now You See Me 2
The Young Pope, series premiere
The Boss (Extended Cut)
Real Time with Bill Maher, season premiere
Beware the Slenderman
The Nice Guys
Becoming Warren Buffett

I have emphasized the most interesting titles on the list, and as you can see one of the big hits from 2016 named The Nice Guys can be found on the list. This movie will only arrive by the very end of January 2017, but at least it will come. I did not like The Nice Guys at all, but a movie I really liked was Now You See Me 2. Of course I did not like the movie as much as I liked its predecessor, but considering the fact that it was the second movie it was in fact quite nice. So, if you haven’t seen it, then go ahead!

The Young Pope was a series that got lots of fans at once, so if you want to watch what it might be like to be a young pope, seen from a worldly perspective, then this TV series with Ewan McGregor might be just perfect for you to watch!

It should also be noticed that Mad Max: Fury Road will come to HBO Now in January 2017. That was the Oscar Awarded movie that won lots of awards last year. Now you can watch it on HBO Now, so enjoy the chance to do so while you have it!

Notice again that not all movies will arrive on HBO Now on January 1st. If any of the movies on this list can not be found, then you are probably trying to early. Wait a few more days and it will probably arrive by then!

Happy new year everybody!

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