The highlights on HBO Now in June 2019

June is going to be an awesome month, and I cannot remember the last time I was as happy about a new month on HBO as I am about the upcoming June month.

Almost all the theatrical premieres as great and movies that I would like to watch (or have watched already), and besides that, there are quite a lot of great TV series coming to HBO Now in June as well.

I will not write a long article here about this right now, but instead, I recommend that you check the full list of content coming to HBO Now in June in the IP Address Guide, or take a look at the following YouTube clip presenting the HBO Now highlights in June.

I should mention the arrival of A Star is Born. This is the fantastic movie about the musician Bradley Cooper who has lots of fans, but one night after a show, he meets the lady (Lady Gaga). She doesn’t have a lot of confidence, but Bradley Cooper sees the talent and the potential, and now he is trying to help her on stage. Will they succeed together?

The brand new Robin Hood movie will also come to HBO Now in June, so I guess we have a lot to look forward to. And then again, let us not forget about Big Little Lies season 2 which is coming in the start of June as well.

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It is also worth mentioning that the season finale of the Chernobyl series will air in the start of June 2019.

Have you found some favorites that you are going to watch on HBO Now in June? I believe you will if you check the clip above or look through the full list of HBO Now arrivals in June! Cheers!

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