Did you know that you can watch Gentleman Jack on HBO NOW?

Gentleman Jack is the name of a BBC series produced in the UK, but to my great surprise, I just realized that it can be streamed on HBO in the United States as well.

I just created this little video on how to watch Gentleman Jack season 1 online, and it was while doing some research for this video I discovered that the world-premiere of Gentleman Jack actually happened on HBO in the USA. So, while the BBC in the UK only started airing this show late in May, Gentleman Jack premiered on BBC in the UK in April. Based on my knowledge, Gentleman Jack still is a 100% BBC production, but it seems as if they have a good partnership which HBO which lets HBO air it in the United States.

Considering that HBO is airing the show in the USA, I doubt that it will become available on other streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime or at Netflix within shortly, but as it can be streamed for free on BBC iPlayer in the UK, who really cares?

If you have an HBO subscription, go ahead and watch Gentleman Jack on HBO right away. Should you spend your holiday abroad and look for a way to watch Gentleman Jack on HBO Now abroad, read more and find the solution at hbonow.fromabroad.org.

I never noticed Gentleman Jack in April 2019

If you paid attention, you would have noticed Gentleman Jack on the list of content that came to HBO Now in April 2019. But, as I hadn’t even heard about the show before, I didn’t really pay attention to it and didn’t care to mention it in the article on the new arrivals to HBO Now in April. If I had gone back in time, I probably would have mentioned it, but since I cannot do so, I guess I will have to regret and mention it whenever Gentleman Jack season 2 will come to HBO Now.

Will Gentleman Jack season 2 come to HBO?

For sure it will. BBC has already renewed the series for a second season, meaning that it will return to the screens in 2020. So, you will then be able to watch Gentleman Jack season 2, not only on BBC iPlayer in the UK, but also on HBO Now in the USA.

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