The Seventh Son on HBO Now

I really do not want to watch The Seventh Son on HBO Now, but it has just arrived and maybe you are interested. For a crazy mixture of fighting with people and supernatural monsters, watch The Seventh Son.

I must admit that I haven’t actually seen the film yet, but I just watched the trailer of The Seventh Son and to me it looks like a nightmare to watch.

Above you can see the trailer yourself. I am curious whether you will like it or not, but if you actually want to watch the film then it can be done on HBO Now from August 25th in 2016.

The Seventh Son on HBO Now

The Seventh Son seems to tell the story of a boy who goes leaves his home to find luck. He meet this guy played by Jeff Bridges and this old guy becomes his mentor and tutor. And he will for sure need one when monsters jump out from the ground, dragons come flying from everywhere and lots of money has been used to create special effects and cool looking animals.

The Seventh Son has a 5,5/10 rating on iMDB and a magnificent 13% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Have you seen the film yet? Did you like? Please write a comment and let me know what you think of The Seventh Son.

If you are living outside the United States and want to know more about how you can watch HBO Now overseas, click the link and find the solution.

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