Do not miss out on Silicon Valley on HBO

Do you want to watch a new TV series packed with nerds and smart guys? Almost like The Big Bang Theory? Maybe Silicon Valley is your new-to-be favorite TV series!

Silicon Valley tells us the story of some computer nerds who have brilliant minds. They fit very well into the stereotype that all nerds and hopeless when it comes to social interaction, and that is kind of what this TV series is about. The nerds get some big offers from Silicon Valley, but instead of accepting them, they build their own company which is to do brilliant stuff. So, how will they succeed?

Silicon Valley online

The first season of Silicon Valley was aired back in 2014, meaning that currently the third season of the show is running on HBO. If you want to watch the first seasons in complete then an HBO Now subscription is the best thing you can do. There you can get access to all these seasons and episodes, and in addition you can of course watch brilliant other TV series and movies.

If you follow this blog about watching HBO Now from abroad then you for sure know that brilliant films and TV series are added to HBO Now regularly. That is why you can watch brand new blockbusters and brand new episodes of Game of Thrones and other series all the time.

Go ahead and give Silicon Valley a try. If you do not like it, then you will for sure not need to watch it all. But, I believe that you will like it! You can also get access to and watch Silicon Valley in the Google Play Store (in the US Store). To access that store abroad, read the linked article.

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