On HBO Now [May 2018]

What’s coming to HBO Now May 2018? Not much, but war-movie lovers will for sure rejoice about the arrival of the Christopher Nolan movie Dunkirk.

dunkirk hbo now may 2018

Beneath you can take a look at the full list of movies coming to HBO Now in May 2018. I will write some comments on the list beneath it, so read my comments once you have scrolled through the list.

Movie premieres on HBO Now in May 2018

Wolves at the Door, 2017 (5/1)

Lady Macbeth, 2017 (5/3)

The Lego Ninjago Movie, 2017 (5/5)

Dunkirk, 2017 (5/12)

Patti Cake$, 2017 (5/26)

Fist Fight, 2017 (5/27)


Coming to HBO NOW on May 1st

A Sound of Thunder, 2005

Avatar, 2009

Cleopatra, 1963

Dead Calm, 2000

Dude, Where’s My Car?, 2000

Eurotrip (Unrated Version), 2004

Garden State, 2004

In the Cut (Director’s Cut), 2003

Kill the Messenger, 2014

Maps to the Stars, 2015|

The Newton Boys, 1998

Seabiscuit, 2003

Secretary, 2002

Star Trek: Nemesis, 2002

You’ve Got Mail, 1998

That is the complete list. What do you think about it? I think it is kind of boring, so I will probably watch some original HBO series instead, or maybe watch the first season of Westworld over again while waiting for new episodes of the second season.

Also, thank you to everyone visiting this website recently. I noticed a peak in the number of visitors with the premiere of the second season of Westworld, so it is good to know that people find the information on this website useful.

If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field.

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