HBO Now in June 2018

June has already started, but what are the highlights on HBO Now in this month? What should you watch? And watch about the FIFA World Cup?

It is only three days left before the start of the FIFA World Cup, and I for sure look forward to it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stream the World Cup on HBO Now, but there are plenty of other ways to stream the event online, so no need to worry about that. In the same way, you can stream HBO Now from abroad with a VPN, you can also watch the World Cup online with a VPN (easily and for free). You can read more on how to watch the FIFA World Cup online for free in this article. If you want to read news related to the World Cup, check out the World Cup blog. To see a detailed schedule for the entire event, check the full World Cup schedule here.

HBO Now in June 2018

But, what should you stream on HBO Now in June while you wait for the next World Cup match to start?

There will be quite a lot of great movies coming to HBO Now in June, and the biggest highlight is probably the arrival of Blade Runner 2049. The movie has already arrived, meaning that you can stream it on HBO Now if you have your subscription in order. I watched it in the cinema, and to be honest, I was not a big fan. But, that probably says a lot about me, and not so much about the movie.

Another movie worth watching is Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It isn’t at all as good as the original movie, but it is still a treat and worth watching if you have a subscription to HBO Now. If you want just a stupid comedy, watch the movie Chips on HBO Now.

For a movie that made me think of Alive, a movie that deals with a football team stuck in the mountains, in which they start eating the dead people to survive, will also come to HBO Now in June 2018. It is titled The Mountain Between Us, and in the movie, we meet Idris Elba and Kate Winslet, two strangers who survive a plane crash on the snowy mountain. Now they have to trust one another to survive. I haven’t seen it, but of course, I hope for a happy end to the story!

American Made is the story of a pilot who smuggled drugs across the borders. The pilot is played by Tom Cruise, and the movie has received quite a lot of praise from critics.

Go ahead and enjoy June on HBO Now, and of course, the FIFA World Cup on some other platform!

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