New on HBO Now in May 2019

Are you looking for something to stream that will make you forget the fact that Game of Thrones will come to an end on May 19th? Are you sad to know that a new season of Veep will come to an end in May 2019? Are you fighting with your tears as you read this article and wondering what life will be like once these shows come to an end and you have nothing left to stream on HBO? Well, you might want to stop crying, because there will be lots of great content coming to HBO Now in May 2019.

I have just created this little video presenting some of the highlights that will come to HBO Now in May 2019. And to be honest, it is a long time since I have been as enthusiastic about a new month as I am writing about May. There are lots of amazing movies coming up, not all blockbusters and brand new, but some great old movies are coming as well.

If you look through the movie, you will notice the French movie Amelie is on the list. This isn’t a brand new one, but since it is French, maybe you have missed out on it. This is a great French movie that will bring you laughter and joy while watching it, so make sure to write it into your schedule of movies that you want to watch on HBO in May 2019.

Meet the Fockers is a much more famous movie, but still, this movie has given me so much laughter throughout the years, making it one of my favorites. If you haven’t seen this movie packed with stars and awesome jokes, make sure to watch Meet the Fockers on HBO in May 2019.

I haven’t seen Once Upon a Deadpool, but I really want to watch it. I am not a big fan of the Deadpool movies, but I really enjoy the company of Ryan Reynolds. So, what happened to Deadpool as Disney took over the production of the Deadpool movies? Will there be produced new movies or not? These are all great questions, and Once Upon a Deadpool was an attempt at creating a more family-friendly version of the ugly speaking and really brutal Deadpool movies. Did they succeed? Watch Once Upon a Deadpool and find out for yourself!

There will also be some great thetrical premieres on HBO Now in May. Which are those?

You have the Predator movie coming on May 4th. I am not a fan of such movies, but the trailer is really great, making it a sweet combination of both action and comedy. I almost want to watch it after watching the trailer!

Then you have Smallfoot, a beautifully made animated movie about some Yeti’s living far up in the mountains where no human being can enter. They live by their own rules in which human beings doesn’t even exist. But, what happens as a human being suddenly turns up after crashing with his airplane?

Night School tells the story of Kevin Hart, a guy who want to get a serious job and make great money, but he doesn’t exactly have the education needed to success. But, when he cannot get a place in a normal school, the only remaining option is a somewhat special night school!

12 Strong tells the story of 12 men being sent as the first soldiers to fight back after the attack on the United States on September 11th. We get to follow the soldiers and their families, as the men go out to fight a somewhat unusual and very dangerous fight to prevent further terrorist attacks.

These are some of the fantastic movies we are served on HBO Now in May 2019. For more information on how you can access and stream HBO Now abroad, visit

Would you like to check out the full list of movies coming to HBO Now in May 2019? Click the link!

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