Chernobyl – Coming to HBO Now on May 6th

A brand new Netflix original series will premiere on HBO Now on May 6th. The name of the series is Chernobyl, and the goal of the series is to tell the story of the catastrophe, and what was done by the people to stop it from becoming a world crisis.

It was a disaster no matter what, but it could have become a much bigger one if it hadn’t been for people willing to compromise their own lives, their health, and a whole lot of time and power.

Do you want to know more about Chernobyl? You only have to wait for three more days for the show to premiere on HBO Now. Until then, read more about the Chernobyl catastrophe on Wikipedia, or take a look at the Chernobyl trailer at YouTube. You will find the trailer beneath this text.

It might be that this show hasn’t gotten a lot of attention before it’s launch, but it sure looks interesting. I guess most people look much more forward to shows like Big Little Lies, a show that will come in its second season on HBO Now in June 2019. And it must be hard to premiere on HBO now when it is Game of Thrones fewer all across the world. There are only three episodes left to be aired before the story comes to an end and people will have to watch the old episodes over and over again, as no new episodes will ever come… at least unless HBO suddenly wants to make some money on the show again and decides to keep the story going anyway!

For a full list of all the content coming to HBO in May 2019, check this article.

Do not forget that I have detailed instructions here at telling you how to stream and sign up for HBO Now in the USA if you live outside the country. It is really easy and quick, so follow the instructions and get ready to stream the remaining episodes of Game of Thrones, the upcoming episodes of Chernobyl, and also the season finale of Veep on HBO NOW in the USA in May.

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