HBO Now is no longer lagging!

About a year ago I wrote about how I suffered from lagging as I watched movies and TV series on HBO Now. I had no understanding of why I suffered from this, even on computers with great power. The problem only existed in Windows, so I had no trouble watching HBO movies and TV series on other platforms or devices.

For a long time I did not have an active HBO Now subscription, but recently I got my subscription back up and running and thus one of the first thing I tried was whether or not the situation with the lagging had gotten better. The computer I tried on was exactly the same as a year ago. The only fact is that it has gotten a bit slower due to Windows updates, more programs running and so on.

To check out whether or not HBO Now is still lagging I decided to watch Bourne Ultimatum.

Watching the Bourne Ultimatum on HBO Now

I recently watched the newest Jason Bourne film in cinema, and had a great time doing so. It wasn’t the best Jason Bourne film ever, but it was packed with action, so definitely a film for Jason Bourne fans all around the globe.

Is HBO Now still lagging?

So I started Bourne Ultimatum on HBO Now and waited for the lagging to start. My computer has not gotten better, so if the experience was to be better, it had to be due to changes made by HBO Now. And yes, changes have been made. I had no trouble with lagging at all, and I could watch Jason Bourne in Bourne Ultimatum in Windows on HBO Now without any trouble at all.

That is great news, and it will for sure make it easier and more convenient to watch more content on HBO Now in the future.

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