Why is HBO Now lagging? HBO Now slows down my computer!

HBO and laggingIf you have used HBO Now on your computer, then you have probably experienced some lagging from time to time, and if no lagging, then at least the fact that it slows down your computer a lot.

If you watch on iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet there are no big problems, but as you watch in Windows it can almost be unbearable, all depending on the quality of your computer or laptop. As I first created this page about watching HBO Now from abroad I was working on a Windows computer with 4 GB of RAM and quite okay processor, but it was impossible to enjoy because it was lagging, jumping, stopping all the time, and it was not because of my Internet connection, but because my computer was slow. I had no similar problems as I watched services such as Amazon Instant Videos, NOW TV and Netflix, but with HBO Now I had great troubles, and because of that I could not really watch HBO Now online.

Now I just got to try HBO Now online in Windows on a Dell laptop with 8gb of memory, 2gb graphics card and i5 processor, 5200 CPU. One would expect that everything should go perfect now, and if I would just sit in front of my laptop and watch the film without doing anything else I would experience lagging a few times, but something that I could keep up with, so it works, but in the moment I would start surfing at the same time in Firefox or do some other activity things would get bumpy, the film would stop almost and I would suffer.

I read about entering settings and disable hardware acceleration as a solution to the problem (right click the video and enter settings), but for me that did not help in any way, so that is how far I have got.

No matter what, it is a catastrophe that a service such as HBO Now requires you to have a kick ass computer for this really to work. For those with poorer quality on their computer this is the most important reason to use another service like Netflix or NOW TV instead of HBO Now.

Have you had the similar problem? Did you find a solution, or suffering like I did (and kind of still do)?

2 thoughts on “Why is HBO Now lagging? HBO Now slows down my computer!”

    1. HBO Now seems to have improved a whole lot to me, so I no longer have the problem. I think they improved something with their videos to remove this problem, but if you still have a problem with lagging, then I guess the problem hasn’t been entirely fixed. Sorry, but cannot help you any further!

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