The Summer Olympics is closing up

It is July 24th and the time for the Summer Olympics is closing up. CBC will broadcast the Summer Olympics in Canada, and millions will gather to watch. But, what can we expect from the Canadian team?

I have earlier written an article telling you how you can watch the Summer Olympics online on CBC from outside Canada, so if you want information on that just press the link.

Canada in the Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics on CBCIt is interesting to see that even though Canada is a giant nation, they are not to be found among the strongest nations in the medal count after the different Olympics Games. During the Summer Olympics in 2008 Canada got a total of 19 medals, thereof 3 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 7 bronze medals. This made them end up as the 19th best nation in the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

During the Summer Olympics in London they got almost the same amount of medals. But, the 18 medals won in London was only enough for a 36th place on the list of the best nations. The reason was simple; they only got one single gold medal. And since the ranking list is based on amount of gold medals first (and not the total amount of medals), Canada ended up that far behind back in 2012. That ain’t completely fair and when you see that Norway was ranked 35th in the same competition with their total of 4 medals (2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze) you probably get the point.

My hope for the Summer Olympics 2016

By biggest hope in front of the Summer Olympics 2016 is that it will be a terror free event and that it will be a drug free event. There has been so much noise in the media lately about contestants caught using drugs that will help them perform even better, and it is ruining the sport. Whenever someone performs great we expect something illegal to stand in the background. That ain’t good for anyone, and especially not for the contestants who have worked hard for years to perform that good.

And I almost forgot, but of course my hope is that Canada will grab many more gold medals, and as a consequence less silver and bronze medals.



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