Can I watch Coronation Street on CBC overseas?

I am a big fan of CBC and always watch new episodes of Coronation Street online on the CBC website. Can I watch the episodes overseas as well?

As you might now CBC uses a so called geo-block to make sure that people outside Canada can not watch their streams of different live events or programs on demand from their library, like Coronation Street.

Coronation Street on CBC overseas

As you might know you can also watch Coronation Street on ITV in the UK as this is a traditional UK TV series, but if you really want to watch it on CBC in Canada then this is what you need to do! To watch ITV in Canada or elsewhere, visit

How to watch Coronation Street on CBC overseas!

  1. Get yourself an IP address in Canada using the VPN services of IPVanish.
    Visit IPVanish website
  2. Open the IPVanish application and connect to a server in Canada. You will then at once get a Canadian IP address. You can also get the IPVanish application to Android and iOS devices.
  3. Restart your browser or restart the CBC application.
  4. You can now watch CBC online and you can watch Coronation Street on CBC overseas.

I hope you have found these instructions useful and if you have followed them you can easily watch CBC overseas or from whatever continent and nation in the world.

Coronation Street online


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