ARD to broadcast UEFA Euro 2017 with ZDF in Germany

As alwazs, ZDF and DasErste will broadcast the big sports events together in Germany. In five days from now it will be kick-off in the Euro 2017 for women, and once again ZDF and DasErste will do the job together.

We all expect Germany to win the tournament, but the people of France and England will for sure cheer for their teams. Germany is ranked the second best female soccer team in the world, only behind USA. France is ranked the third best team, and England comes fifth. It should therefore be a quite close race as these teams partake in the UEFA Euro 2017, but still most bookmakers place their money on a German victory.

The first German match will be played against Sweden at 20.45 on July 17th, and the odds for a German victory is 1,50, while the odds for Swedish victory is 7.00.

Who will win the tournament?

At Bet365 the odds for a German victory in the tournament is 3.00. That is a bit higher than I expected. Following closely behind the German ladies come France, and if you bet your money on France, you will currently get 3,75 times your money back. Following Germany and France comes England with an odds of 8, Sweden and Holland with an odds of 11.00, and then Spain which will give you back your money 19 times.

Which team do you believe will win? We would place our money on Germany, but we would also give a little chance to the Netherlands. Playing at home often gives any team a big advantage, and we already know that all tickets are sold out for the matches in which the Netherlands will play. Can this give the team the extra boost that they for sure will need?

If you want to watch Euro 2017 online, click the link for instructions on how it can be done easily.

The event will be broadcasted by ZDF and ARD in Germany. You can easily watch their streams if you live in Germany. In case you live abroad, follow these instructions to watch German TV online outside Germany. The article is in the beautiful German language, but hopefully you understand that. If you don’t, then I would rather recommend you to watch the event online on Channel 4 in the UK.

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