Ard Germany

The German TV channel DasErste/ARD is an amazing channel with some great programs. Luckily they have a live stream available online making it possible to watch programs from all across the world at the moment they are broadcasted.

If you visit the ARD/DasErste website and try to watch the live stream you will normally get a notice that the program is not available from abroad due to copyright reasons. What they are actually doing is that they are doing a check on your IP address, and just like with a normal address, they will give you rights and permissions based on your location. If your IP address is located in Germany they will give you all rights to watch their live streams and other content, but if they see that you are located outside Germany they will limit your rights and block quite a lot of online content from you.

To get all the rights like a local German you will therefore need to get an IP address in Germany, and the best and number one solution to solve that problem is to use a VPN provider.

daserste abroad

DasErste from abroad with a German IP

There are several VPN providers you could use to get a German IP address, but based on my personal experience ExpressVPN is the very best solution. I have written a long ExpressVPN review in my blog, so if you are interested, read the review for more information about their VPN service, prices, and customer service.

What will happen once you use ExpressVPN, is that you will be able to download their VPN client to your computer (or mobile device), and then all you have to do is to connect to one of their servers in Germany. Once this is done you will get a German IP address and you will be able to watch ARD/DasErste live from all across the world again.

It is very easy, so everyone should be able to use this! It is also worth knowing that using this tool you can also watch other live streams from Germany such as the ZDF and ProSieben live streams. You can also use the same tool to get a UK IP address, which will make you able to watch Netflix from wherever you are in the world.

Visit the website ofExpressVPN

It is just to get started and enjoy watching ARD/DasErste today. Here you can also see a screenshot showing you what it looks like as you watch ARD from outside Germany.

Watch ARD from abroad
I am watching ARD from outside Germany