You Were Never Really Here – do not watch it, unless you really like strange movies!

Recently I was so lucky to get a spot in a cinema in which they showed You Were Never Really Here, before it was released in theaters worldwide. I called myself lucky, but after watching the movie, I would have been much luckier if I had watched something else instead.

You Were NEver Really Here

You Were Never Really Here is a movie showing us a former FBI agent, played by Joaquin Phoenix. If there is one thing I should have known it is that Joaquin Phoenix means a strange movie. He is a great actor, for sure, but he is normally playing in movies that I do not like. I am not the kind of “culture movie” person, I am much more of a Hollywood movie person. That is, I like the story to be quite plain and pure. It can, of course, be twists and surprises, but as I left the theater after watching You Were Never Really Here, I had a feeling that I had just watched pure depression and boredom for the last 90 minutes of my life.

The mood you have entering a cinema will often influence the way you think about the movie you watch. A few years ago I watched Gravity in the cinema, and I had a really bad day. I strongly disliked the movie, while my companion loved it! It might be that I would have enjoyed Gravity more on a better day (but, I am not sure about that), but maybe. Well, as I watched You Were Never Really Here in the cinema, an Amazon original production, I was completely bored. It might have been influenced by bad mood, but the two other people I went to the cinema with left the cinema even more critical and sad about the movie than I did, so I don’t think I was the only obstacle for success on that day.

Who will enjoy You Were Never Really Here?

There will be people who love the movie. It currently has a 7/10 score on IMDb, and that isn’t a very bad score. The audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is 70%, while the critics’ score is 86%. What is the conclusion? If you look for movies with great acting, and a special story, this might be something for you. If you look at the effects and try to sniff in of the atmosphere, this might be something for you.

This is a typical movie loved by the critics, while the common audience (like me), will feel bored and dislike the entire thing… almost like with La La Land.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

The movie is not yet available on Amazon Prime, but I will try to write a new article here after the movie has been published and made available to Amazon Prime subscribers. For more information on how to watch Amazon Prime from abroad, click the link!

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